About Us!

Basic Profile of the Company

Year of Establishment - May 2012 (Canada) / May 2013(India)
Operational Network - India and Canada
Address - India - # 638, Sector- 36B, Chandigarh – 160036
Canada - 119 Kingsfield Village, Leduc, Alberta, Canada T9E 5J9
Practical Experience - Over 40 Years
India practices - From Year 2006

Areas of Expertise in Swine

  • Consultancy on complete Swine Development Project
  • Livestock Import
  • Frozen Semen Import and Supply
  • Farm Development Techniques
  • Farm Management
  • Artificial Insemination Techniques
  • Feed Consultancy
  • Feed supply
  • Breeding Techniques
  • Setup of Breeding & Fattening unit on turnkey basis
  • Setup of slaughter & processing unit on turnkey basis
  • Supplier of high health status Gilts, Sows & Boars
  • Supplier of high health status piglets and fattened pigs
  • Supplier of high quality carcass & pork
  • Quality Management & Supervision
  • Marketing and Sales Promotion
  • Canada trained Experts on Farm Development & Operations Technology
Alfred Wahl
Age: 65 Years
Qualification: B.Sc. (Ag.), P. Ag.
Work Experience(Swine):Over 40 Years
Tajinder Pal Singh
Managing Director
Age: 43 Years
Qualification:B.Sc.(Med.), PGDCA, MBA
Work Experience(Swine):Over 6 Years

AreasPractical and Consultancy Experience


1. Mr. Sikandar Singh conceived, designed and implemented the idea, to set up Modern Piggery Farms as per International and Canadian standards. The project was launched in 2006. To implement this project Mr. Sikandar Singh established his association with Polar Genetics Canada from Alberta. A Company specializing in export of live pigs and Canadian Boar Frozen Semen to countries like, China, Vietnam, South America and Russia. Since 2006, he has assisted Polar Genetics Canada to develop and implement Canadian technology and management techniques to piggery farmers in India. For this purpose Polar Genetics Team participated in Agro Tech 2006, 2008, 2010 ,2012 and will participate in 2014 to be held in November 22- 25th. This trade show is organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries at Chandigarh. It is one of the largest trade fairs in India. Since 2011, he has been involved in developing Indian Piggery sector under the MOU signed by the Government of Canada and India.
2. Successfully negotiating Health Certificate between Government of Canada and Government of India to export Canadian frozen Boar Semen to India to breed Canadian pigs.
3. Successfully delivered Canadian frozen Boar semen to two farmers in Punjab and Haryana. Recently the Punjab Government has purchased 200 dozes of frozen semen for their farms to introduce CANADIAN Breed which has been delivered this year.
4. Established Working relationships with Secretary, Additional Secretaries and Commissioner Animal Husbandry, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.
5. Established Working relationship with Indo Canadian Swine Breeders located in Ludhiana.
6. Farmers from Punjab were invited to Canada for providing training on the Canadian pig farms to get hand on experience to manage the modern pig farms in India.
7. Polar Genetics India has been set up to develop and breed Canadian pigs with Canadian frozen Boar semen and to introduce this new breed to the Indian farmers.
8. Seminars in Punjab in Collaboration with the Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Punjab at Ludhiana for the Punjab Piggery Farmers Association and also for the Doctors of Animal Husbandry, Government of Punjab.
9. Work Shop for the Directors of Animal Husbandry of North East States was held in Shillong organized by Polar Canada, Government of Alberta and Government of Meghalaya to discuss the development of piggery sector in consultation with Polar Canada in North East States.
10. Conducted a seminar for the Piggery farmers of State of Meghalaya to introduce Canadian technique and management.
11. Training for Artificial Insemination of Frozen Boar Semen was provided by the technical Canadian expert organized by Polar Genetics to Veterinary Doctors/ Directors of Animal Husbandry Government of Punjab and Punjab Piggery Farmers Association.
12. We also trained Scientists of Pig Research Centre in the state of Assam for use of frozen Boar semen from Canada.
13. The Director, Punjab Animal Husbandry visited Alberta, Canada to see the modern pig farms operated in the Province of Alberta and the operations of slaughter houses and pork meat processing plants.
14. The Director of Animal Husbandry of Mizoram also visited Alberta.
15. Directors of Polar Genetics India, Mr. Avtar Singh and Mr. Tarlochan Singh, completed their training on Farm management, Shed Design Techniques, Artificial Insemination, Pork processing and Canadian Feed technology at a 2000 sows Breeding Farm in Canada in 2013.
16. Polar Genetics Group was the State Guest at International Trade Fair, Guwahati.
17. Polar Genetics Group was major participant at Agrotech, Mohali (Punjab), 2014. The Chief Minister of Punjab, S. Parkash Singh Badal awarded Polar Genetics for outstanding contribution in the field of agriculture.
18. Polar Genetics Group has been the main sponsor of Canada Day celebration at Canadian High Commission, Chandigarh in 2013 and 2014.


1. Long experience in purebred breeding sector over more than 40 years in Government and Private industry.
2. Supervisory skills for maintaining staff longevity in working Companies.
3. Supervisor of Swine Improvement Programs in Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan 1971-1980/1980-1988/1988-1997/1997-2012.
4. Production Manager for National Pig Development (Canada) Company 1991-1997
5. General Manager for PEAK Swine Genetics Inc. 1997-2012.
6. Board of Directors, National Director Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement; Canadian Swine Breeders Association (President, Vice-President); Canadian Swine Exporters Association.
7. Organizing Director, Banff Pork Seminar and Alberta Pork Congress (President).
8. Swine Breeder contacts across Canada
a. Purebred, pedigreed.
b. Performance tested in Canadian Centre Swine Improvement national program.
c. High health status for export qualification.
9. Excellent organizational skills
a. Company set-up and financials review.
b. Contracts agreed with various Companies, Breeders and Agencies.
10. Excellent English-writing skills (PEAK of Performance NEWS!); Funding applications in Alberta Meat and Livestock Agency, Agriculture and Agri Food Canada Programs, Canadian Swine Exporters Association Agri Marketing Program).
11. The Director, Punjab Animal Husbandry visited Alberta, Canada to see the pig farms operated in the Province of Alberta by us and the operations of slaughter house and pork meat processing plant.
12. The Director of Animal husbandry of Mizoram also visited Alberta for the same.
13. Integrity in business dealings with various Agencies and Customers.
a. Cooperative approach to negotiating contracts. b. Ensuring customer satisfaction with immediate return of necessary funds.
14. International contacts and business dealings.
15. Stable Company funding from Livestock sales and Technology transfers.
Successful Swine Project completion/implementation


1. 572 high health, pedigreed breeding pigs to Liaoning Province, China February 2013.
2. 736 high health, pedigreed breeding pigs to Henan Province, China February 2012.
3. 192 doses frozen boar semen to Chongqing, China October 2011.
4. 130 high health, pedigreed breeding pigs to Chile January 2010.
5. 613 high health, pedigreed breeding pigs to Chongqing, China December 2008.
6. 628 high health, pedigreed breeding pigs to Heilongjiang, China October 2007
. 7. Nursery barn development and 1500 weaner pig exports to Utah, USA 1995-1996.
8. Nucleus herd turnover from three Multiplication herds for export of 4000 breeding gilts to North Carolina, USA 1993-1995.
9. Successful deliveries of breeding pigs to China and Chile.
10. Successful deliveries of frozen boar semen to China, India and Ecuador.
11. Successful incoming visitor missions from China, India, Vietnam, Chile and Colombia.


1. 200 doses frozen boar semen to Punjab Govt., India November 2013.
2. 130 doses frozen boar semen to Haryana, India February 2012.
3. 140 doses frozen boar semen to Punjab, India October 2011.
4. Developed 50 sows Breeding and Fattening unit having capacity of rearing 1200 pigs per year on turnkey basis at Khassi kalan, Ludhiana (Punjab). Slaughtering and processing unit is also ongoing under our shadow and shade. Polar Genetics India signed the agreement in 2013 and construction work is in full swing at present.
5. Developed 50 sows Breeding and Fattening unit having capacity of rearing 1200 pigs per year, slaughter and pork processing house on turnkey basis at Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). Polar Genetics India signed the agreement in 2014 and basic construction work is in progress.
6. Successfully doing Artificial Insemination and Farm Management Practices on 100 sow’s swine breeding unit in Ludhiana as per the international standards since 2006.
7. Samples of Genetics supplied to Baroda based Multinational for R & D on Life Sciences in 2013.
8. Assistance to ongoing Punjab Govt. swine breeding project developing at Nabha, Punjab on Shed designing to be constructed on international standards and Artificial Insemination technology etc in 2014.
9. Successfully done the work of Punjab Govt. under the name of "Supply, fixing including addition, alteration of pig farrowing crate made up of Statinless Steel (304 grade), hard plastic crate floor and automatic water nipples".
10. Successfully supplied genetics to Hyderabad based multinational company for R & D of life Sciences project (Project under the supervision of Cellular and Molecular biology) Hyderabad in 2014.
11. Appointed as consultant to dept. of Animal Husbandry, Govt. of Goa for establishing ultra modern breeding, fattening, slaughter, Processing and feed mill etc. in March 2015.
12. Supplied 320 doses of Canadian Frozen Boar Semen to Kerela Livestock development Board, Bangalore, 2018.
13.Developed pig feed Concentrate with international formualation for better animal growth (100kg weight in six months) & meat quality.
14. Signed MOU with Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Science University, Ludhiana on practices of Artificial insemination with Canadian Frozen Boar Semen in 2015.

Ongoing and Future Plans

1. Canada-India cooperation on piggery development for new producers
2. Genetics/genomics introductions
3. University cooperation – Punjab Agricultural University, National Research Centre on Pig
a. Dr HK Verma b. Dr MK Tamuli c. Graham Plastow (AB), Mary Buhr (SK), Andy Robinson (ON) d. Delta Genomics Laboratory (AB) e. Prof Emeritus – Nutrition, Dr Ron Ball (AB) 4. New and improved pig genetics.
a. Alliance Genetics Canada (ON) b. Ocean view Farms (PE) 5. New semen – 130+ EBV index
a. OSI Innerkip, ON b. ASGC Nisku, AB 6. Canadian National Programs
a. CCSI eFarm b. CCSI Database scanning for growth and carcass traits c. PigGen Canada d. Canadian Swine Health Board in Canadian Pork Council 7. Brochures – booklets
a. Canadian pigs b. Overall outline for cooperation and benefit 8. Training Managers, Technicians at
a. Prairie Swine Centre, SK b. Ghost Pine Farm, AB 9. Sales promotion in India
a. Speaking at sales team meetings b. Speaking at public events about Canadian pigs i. Agri-Horti, Assam ii. India AgroTech, Punjab iii. Progressive Agriculture Forum, Punjab c. Canada Day promotions in conjunction with AAFC, AARD 10. Ongoing establishment of Breeding and Fattening Farms is under process.
11. Establishment of Slaughtering and Processing houses in the near future.

Successful projects other then Swine
Mr. Tajinder Pal Singh
  • Being a Management Consultant, provided consultancy in the various field i.e.
  • Funding to Agro based industries of Punjab with the help of leading financial institutes worth crores in year 2006-2008.
  • Provided consultancy to leading multinational companies from laisoning to execution of the work order in IT sector in 2009-2010.
  • Provided consultancy to establish the small Hydro Power projects capacity of 2.5 MW and 3.0 MW in the State of Himachal Pradesh at Tatta Pani near Shimla worth Rs. 20 crore and Rs. 24 crore respectively in year 2010-2011.