Candian Frozen Semeins

Laboratory Preparation
Turn on water bath and set to 38°C
Prepare thawing solution of CryoGuard Thaw Extender to 23 – 24°C and pour into 80 ml plastic semen bottle(s)
Insert thermometer around bottle to monitor temperature

Open lid of liquid nitrogen tank and lift canister containing desired semen straws
Remove the required number of straws from cane(s) or goblet and immediately transfer to liquid nitrogen in styrofoam container

Remove 3 or 5 straws from liquid nitrogen and release immediately into water bath for 60 seconds
Remove all straws immediately from water bath and wipe straws with clean paper towel

Shake air bubble to the sealing ball and cut straws at ball end holding cut end up
Invert straws over bottle and empty straws into thawing solution by cutting cotton-plugged end to release semen

Repeat steps to achieve the desired number of viable sperm cells per dose (2.5 to 3 billion cells from 10 straws)
Insemination of Frozen Swine Semen
  • Inseminate thawed semen about 15-20 minutes after thawing.
  • Do not wait more than 30 minutes.
  • Insemination with frozen semen should be done as close to ovulation as possible.
  • Ensure a boar is stimulating the sows at their head.
  • Second insemination should be completed 8 to 12 hours following 1st insemination.
  • Recommended to inseminate sows with regular heat cycles that return to heat 4 to 5 days following weaning.